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Tips Fashion Accessories for Teens

accessoriesThe teenage period is a very important phase in one’s life. This is the time when any teen is most conscious about his/her looks and often worries about blending with various groups of people. High school is the time when one is anxious about not only looking good but creating the right impression to be accepted by various groups of teenagers. Furthermore, the fashion-conscious ones do their level best to be in touch with the latest trends particularly because they have a plethora of options these days. Teen fashion is also about following celebrities and many youngsters try various ways to look like their idols. Hip-hop, Emo fashion, Prep styles, or even the rather eye-catching Goth styles have made a mark on their fashion. Fashion accessories are one of the most important features. These are extremely important to complete the look. They can help to jazz up any simple outfit. Here are some ways in which you can accessorize your outfit.

Trendy Earrings:
Bling earrings or the tiny varieties, whatever the size, are a must. Go

Tips Fashion for Men

fashion-menIt’s not that only woman are fussy about their dresses and are inherently shopaholics (exceptions are always there), men are equally concerned about their fashion styles and they do make efforts to look their best. Dressing well and looking good are always added advantage to any personality. Follow these grooming tips.

Follow Your Own Style
Gradually, you will also improve in mixing colors and other minute details like supportive pieces (stoles, scarf, square pockets, ties). At this stage, you will know what clothes you love to wear and those in which you look your best. Ultimately, you will have your own distinctive style.

Choose Appropriately-sized Clothes
The size of T-shirts, shirts, and other clothing you wear must be according to your fitting. Skinny and lean men must wear comfortable clothing, not too large than their size as that will make them disappear in it. Men slightly on the heavier side must not wear tight T-shirts.

Don’t Chase Brands
While purchasing branded items, do check if they really suit you and you are not just buying them because they

Tips Choosing Cheap Summer Dresses

summer-dressWith hot summers setting in, you would definitely want to add something cool to your wardrobe. Women have a new reason to shop and buy the pretty summer dresses. Summer dresses are amongst the cutest apparels in the women’s section. While you plan to add light summer clothing to your wardrobe, the expenses might make you think twice. Well, how about shopping for something that easily fits in your budget? Yes, you can get cheap summer dresses under $20 in select shops and websites which will perfectly fit in your budget and fill your summer wardrobe.

Where to Find Summer Dresses

eCrater offers you a range of summer dresses priced below $20. If you want a simple or a stylish summer dress, you will definitely find it here at an affordable price. A short lace dress with full-sleeves and a soft pink belt, available at USD14.99 is one that you must check out. Also check out the range of colorful sundresses with floral prints available at a low price on this shopping website. There is a good range of

Tips Choosing Fashion Clothing for Women

Every woman wants to dress fashionably that makes her look trendy and feel good. Many people consider fashion as shallow and superficial. But the fact is that you dress well not to please others but yourself. When you dress fashionably and know that you look good, you feel sexy and confident. Your confidence and self-assurance can be seen in the way you stand straighter and the lift of your chin. Also people judge you on the basis of your dressing style and appearance. For you to make a good impression on people, you need to be presentable and you need to dress stylishly. Fashion trends change from one season to another, so you need to know all about them to dress fashionably. This does not mean that you throw away all your last season’s clothes. Fashion is all about mixing and matching the old with the new and coming up with your own individual look.

Skinny Jeans

Love them or loathe them…Skinny jeans are here to stay. So it’s best that you ditch your extra flab and get ready to flaunt those legs. Every woman should own a pair of skinny jeans that fits perfectly and enhances all

Tips Fashion for Teenage Girls

Fashion advice, especially to someone as vulnerable as teenage girls, is something that can go disastrously wrong if one does not know what they’re talking about. And it has been known to happen so don’t judge me for being a little too condescending about it. Fashion as I see it, and as I’m sure many, many girls all around the world see it, is a matter of self-confidence seasoned with a bit of creative thinking and a lot of resourcefulness. You don’t have to own every latest piece of clothing that has walked a ramp to be well-dressed and presentable. That’s one major piece of advice that is underused; by those dishing out the advice and the ones receiving it. In this article, there are some basic tips to ensure that you have an all-season wardrobe. So get ready for a wardrobe upheaval that does not necessarily involve super-expensive couture.

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

When it comes to styling teenage girls, one needs to be overly cautious. It’s not just about making the girl wear the latest clothes. It’s about helping her to identify with her inner self and recognize what is going to help her enhance her best

Tips Finding Best Shoe

One of my most favorite accessories are shoes. If someone asked me if I would prefer to buy a pair of beautiful strappy heels or a designer dress, I would choose the heels without a moment’s hesitation. But I do realize that shoes are more than mere adornment for feet or something that you accessorize your outfit with. Shoes protect our feet and provide cushioning and support while walking. You need a good pair of high quality shoes for wearing everyday or for doing specific tasks like walking, jogging, dancing and of course working out. There are many shoe brands in the world but sifting the good ones from the not so good ones is a daunting task. There is no way for you to find out if a shoe is comfortable and of the highest quality until you wear them for some time. However there are some tell-tale signs that you can watch out for. A good pair of shoe should fulfill its purpose. For example if you are looking for a pair of good running shoe it should be ergonomically designed to withstand any wear and tear, it should be shock absorbent with good cushioning quality

Tips Finding Jeans Brands

Everyday, paparazzi capture a lot of celebrities flaunting their denims with a cool top to team it up with. In fact, most magazines have male celebs going shirtless to show their chiseled body with low waist jeans. Speaking of blue denims, have you ever wondered how did the story of jeans even begun? What made this trend famous? Which are the best jeans brands around?

Well, we have two founders to thank for bringing jeans into our lives. They are Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. It all began in the 1850s. But it only became popular among young people after James Dean donned a pair in the movie Rebel Without a Cause. And today, you will rarely find any youth without a pair of denims in his/her wardrobe. Believe it or not, there are about 300 denim brands in the US alone. Let’s have a look at some of the best jeans brands for men and women respectively, to make your shopping for jeans easier and time-saving.

Top Jeans Brands for Women


The Levis jeans line accentuates the legs and butts of your body. They change with styles and trends of the season, and deliver

How to Choosing the Right Men’s Shoes

When wearing shorts, give socks a miss if you’re wearing sandals. With closed-toe shoes like sneakers, it’s best to stick to ankle-length socks. With loafers and boat shoes, you can omit the socks unless you need them for comfort, in which case, we suggest you pick ballet or invisible socks.
Till a couple of years ago, everyone believed that men wearing shorts were a sight restricted to sports grounds or jogging parks, or at the most, yacht events. Then a couple of years ago, dressy shorts were resurrected. It became completely acceptable for men to wear shorts in public and in the city. Sorry Mr. Tom Ford. But the problem that arose from that little social okay to wearing shorts was, then, what do you wear on your feet. Is it permissible to wear sandals? Is open-toed footwear OK, or do you always need to cover up your tootsies? What works and what doesn’t?

The Shoes-Shorts Romance

The occasion should define your choice
Understand the difference between semi-formal and casual events. Restrict casual footwear like flip-flops, sandals, and sneakers to times like chilling on weekends, trips to the supermarket, or even tanning yourself on the beach.

Top Shoes for Flat Feet

The tarsal and metatarsal bones helps create the arch of your foot. This inwardly acts as a natural shock absorber. When you stand, walk, run, or do any kind of movement on your feet, this arch works as a cushion to minimize impact from your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

But not everyone has a similar type of arch; they can be different in height―high arch, normal arch, low arch, and no arch. People with flat feet, you guessed it, don’t have an arch and are more prone to injuries and stress on their bodies. Which is why, finding the right support, in terms of shoes, is important.

Types of Shoes to Wear

Over the past couple of decades, many footwear manufacturers are keeping the importance of specially-developed shoes for people with flat feet in mind, and designing their products. In order to keep your feet comfortable and safe while you’re engaging in a variety of physical activities, it is necessary to know that there are three types of shoes recommended for you.

Stability Shoes

As we already discussed earlier that people with flat feet tend to overpronate while walking or running, this can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress

Tips Choose a Wedding Dress

It is the day when the bride is the star of the moment, and she ought to feel and look her best. With all eyes on her on the special day, her dress becomes an important factor that decides her overall look.

A dress, as we believe, should reflect the true you. Which is why, you need to choose a dress that flatters your body shape. That said, choosing the right dress is one of the most important tasks for a bride-to-be. While a lot has to be considered while finding the right dress, the shape of the body determines the perfect fit for the dress.

Here’s your guide to find the dress that will make people stop right in their tracks to observe you―the beautiful and stunning bride.


Pear-shaped bodies are small or petite on the top, and heavier on the butts and upper thighs, giving them a seemingly voluptuous bottom. Just like a pear or a triangle, you have narrow shoulders and bust with wider hips. You need to highlight your upper body while camouflaging your lower torso.

Considering you have slender shoulders and a smaller bust, you can very well pull off one-shoulder, off-shoulder, and

Top Leggings for Women

Even when our wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, we spend hours in selecting one single dress for each day. And when it is a special occasion like a black tie event or a casual summer party, then the ‘dilemma’ gets beyond explanation. Well, as far as clothing for casual events is concerned, you can always depend on one of the best casual clothing items for women, leggings! Yes, the same ones that were in vogue during 60’s and 80’s! Today, they are worn as the best and comfortable alternative for pants. Pair them up with one of your trendy tops and with least number of accessories, you are all set to dazzle in this retro fashion clothing! However, there are a few things that you need to learn when it comes to selecting the best one.

Body Contouring

You can choose the best black ones, as always. Plain black or dark-colored, they offer a sleeker and slimmer look to curvy as well as plus size women. Outfits to go along with it include a smart denim short skirt, a checkered monochrome skirt, or simply a sweater tunic! You can also choose those lace-trimmed ones. These are the best type of

Stylishly Stunning Accessories

Since beige is a paler shade of brown, and has several variant shades, this neutral color has both warm and cool attributes of brown and white. When worn as it is, beige often comes across as far too plain to arouse any interest. However, being a pale color, beige necessitates that it be used in combination with a brighter or bolder shade.

Depending on your fashion sensibilities and whether you follow current fashion and color trends ‘to a T’, be rest assured that all that beige in your closet won’t be seeing the dust bag anytime soon. Keeping the reigning colors in mind, this Buzzle fashion guide shows you some color-coordinated accessories that go with beige dresses.


Wear your beige dress with splendidly-hued aquafresh, mint, sea green, and turquoise accessories to liven things up a little. This color scheme is ideal to start a feel-good day at the office, and end it with a night of bashful partying. While choosing accessories with green tones, ensure that you maintain uniformity by opting for a certain shade that appeals to you and looks good with the dress.

Sky and Earth

Shades of blue look great with beige. Seeking inspiration from

Tips Choosing Jeans for Short Women

A woman’s wardrobe can’t be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a 6 feet tall girl or you fall in the category of petite women, this is a must have clothing for all. However, buying jeans has always been a tricky task for short women, due to the tough task of finding the right piece for their height and body. There are actually a few things mentioned below, which you need to consider while shopping for jeans for short women.

Choose the Suitable Colors

Any jeans looks good in a uniform color. Moreover, it is a good idea to stick to a dark wash for the boot cuts or straight leg variants. You can experiment with lighter shades in the skinny jeans, especially the stonewashed blue denims which are a favorite of many. You can also check out the other shades of denims, especially the darker ones like gray, black, or slate which can be an alternative to the usual blue denims. Though the pastels might look fancy, its best to avoid them. Remember that darker shades will give you a slender and taller appearance.

Styles that You Should Not Opt For
Short women with fuller figures must

Tips for Accessorize a Gray Dress

Gray―the new little black dress. Whether you’re going on a date, catching up with old friends, having a drink, or heading out for a night on the town, a gray dress can truly make the necessary impact. Give your simple gray dress the sensuality it deserves with the ideas given below.

6 Different Ways to Accessorize a Gray Dress

To establish a look for an important event, a gray dress definitely has the potential to leave all colors behind. With multitude of colorful and demure accessories to work with, who can say no to them. Check out these fabulous ways to accessorize a gray dress, and be the judge.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the fiery red accessories with a gray dress. You can’t help but stare at it. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have the perfect red shoes or bag to go with your dress, you need to buy one NOW.

This is my favorite out of them all. With this ensemble, we present to you the wonderful amalgamation of gray with yellow. Can you see how awesome this combination looks? To an otherwise casual dress, the accessories

Tips Before Buying a Men’s Suit

Every man needs a good suit. Even the ones who will probably tell us that they would never be slaves to the corporate conspiracy of making a man wear dull colors and a classier version of a straitjacket. Put your exaggerated claims/pleas aside, because there is going to be at least one occasion in your life when you will need to don a suit. And when you do go to buy that wonder suit, remember that the goodness of it lies in the details.

You could depend on the salesperson. But more often than not, he’ll tell you what you want to be told. The suit will always look great, and if there are any problems, it can always be fixed. Don’t be convinced by that. When you go to buy a suit, you need to know what things you should be paying attention to. Because going by the idiom, ignorance is bliss, will only lead to a traumatic experience later. In this Buzzle article, we tell you about the different things you need to pay attention to when buying a suit. From the right fabric, to the details of the jacket, to the importance of a well-fitting pant,

Dresses to Wear With Leggings

Until very recently, leggings were not considered stylish by most women hence, were never given a second thought. However, today, leggings have made a comeback, and how! They are worn as pants, with dresses, even with skirts, and still manage to look exceptionally stylish. Dress them up or dress them down and you will still remain the talk of the town.
The Hemline Hustle

Mid-Thig Dress

Layering this dress with leggings can be a perfect look. Adding leggings to such a dress is a smart option, as the dress ends at a tricky length, and the leggings will provide the slimming effect or the height and definition that you are looking for.

Knee-Skimming Dress

This is the longest length of a dress that you can pair with leggings. Layering a dress that ends at the top of your knees can provide warmth on those cold days, or simply when you are not in the mood to reveal.

Mini Dress

Length is a key factor when it comes to pairing a dress with leggings. Leggings are an ideal choice if you are opting for a short dress. Teaming a mini dress with leggings provides you

Tips Finding Best Jeans for Short Men

Looking at male models on the ramp, you are tempted to believe that every guy is built in the same mold – tall, lean and well built. The reality, as we all know, is far from the truth. There are many men who are not as tall as the average male model and find themselves a tad shorter. For these men, finding a pair of denims that not only fit well, but also make them look taller than normal can be quite the task.

Denims for Short Men
Traditionally fashion was somehow always more partial to those who were particularly blessed when it came to their bodies. The tall and the thin could carry off most fashionable clothing pieces with elan as they appeared to be stitched just for them. With fashion becoming all the more accommodating, there are many clothes that are available for those amongst us who are not as blessed, where height and weight are concerned. For men who are short, finding that perfect pair of denims can always be a problem. One way to overcome this problem is to get your jeans tailored for you, according to your preference and your stature. It

Tips for Urban Fashion

Urban clothing designers like Sean John, FUBU, Maurice Malone, Phat Farm, Mecca USA, Wu Wear, Ecko Unlimited, Enyce, Karl Kani, and Triple 5 Soul are making it big both on 125th Street in Harlam as well as Seventh Avenue.

The look
The hip looks of urban clothing design has caught on in a big way, especially with America’s white, young suburbanites, who view inner-city black youth as independent and savvy, and are keen on emulating their dressing style along with the attitude that goes with it.

These designers keep their ears close to the street, hence know exactly what their customer desires and wants – stylish and innovative attire. Practically everybody’s embracing the cult of rap, and that oversize, logoed, vibrantly colored look has become quite a rage.

Many designers are also making a conscious shift, away from labeling their stuff ‘urbanwear’ and using ‘metropolitan’ or ‘contemporary’ instead. That’s because the term ‘urban’, as far as fashionable attire is concerned, has outgrown its definition.

Brightly colored, baggy clothing have become mainstream in the street fashion of America, which has resulted in making small fortunes for designers creating this stuff.

While it started out with basic

Finding The Best Pair of Walking Shoes

Shopping for walking shoes? Well, finding the best pair of walking shoes for women is not a difficult task. Browse through a number of shoes from various brands and pick the pair which looks good, or more importantly, the one that fits well! But, that’s where many women often go wrong. So, here are some tips and advice for all those ladies searching for the best women’s shoes for walking.

Top Picks in Walking Shoes for Women

Mephisto AllRounder Nimbo
These are among the top sellers in the segment of walking shoes, which give you day long comfort with cushioned foot bed. This product from Mephisto comes with innovative ACTIVE SUSPENSION shock absorber system, which ensures proper shock absorption so that you can stay away from joint pain and other such problems. This is one of the comfortable footwear for women which looks equally stylish.

Brooks Addiction Walker
Get the best comfort and feel while you walk for hours with this pair of footwear from Brooks. It has a durable, energy-returning MoGo midsole cushioning, strong support and a slip-resistant outer sole. This is also suitable for those having low arch foot problem. You can get this product in black,

How to Choosing White Fashion Accessories

You can’t wear white after Labor Day. But that’s what people say about clothes (which is so not the case, by the way). So, does that apply to accessories as well? It’s not that you’ll be wearing white accessories with only white dresses, right? You are allowed to pair these accessories with different colored clothes. By keeping the color and style of the outfit and the occasion in mind, you can easily choose flattering accessories and look ravishing

How to Choose White Fashion Accessories

Regardless of the current fashion trend, always remember the golden rule―moderation is the key. Pick elements that won’t overshadow the outfit, but still stand out as individual pieces.

Note : These items are for representation purposes only and are to be strategically included to enhance your look with the appropriate outfit. They are NOT supposed to be worn on one outfit.

Pairing Accessories with Colored Outfits

As you can see in this image, the accessories have been tastefully included to enhance the blue dress. Even with a darker-colored dress, the elegant pieces make the entire ensemble work decently.
There are so many tops, dresses, and outfits that can be paired with white accessories.